Carrier Billing

Carrier billing offers several advantages for monetization, including increased conversion rates due to its convenient and frictionless payment method, high reach by tapping into the vast user base of mobile network operators, enhanced security through authentication processes, and simplified one-click purchases for improved user convenience.

Increased conversion rates

Carrier billing provides a convenient and frictionless payment method for users, leading to higher conversion rates compared to traditional payment methods. It eliminates the need for credit card information or lengthy registration processes, resulting in a smoother user experience and improved monetization


Carrier billing enables businesses to reach a wider audience by leveraging the extensive reach of mobile network operators. It allows users without access to traditional banking systems or credit cards to make purchases or subscribe to services, expanding the potential customer base

Enhanced security

Carrier billing offers a secure payment option as transactions are authenticated through the user's mobile network operator. This helps to minimize fraud risks and provides users with peace of mind when making transactions

One-click purchases

With carrier billing, users can make purchases with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for manual entry of payment details for every transaction